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Metatronik is a one man band. That man's name, well... my name actually... is Kevin Lorrain. I was born in 1978, I started playing the guitar in 1995 and began composing (and recording) my own stuff in 1996. I took private lessons at the "Studio de Musique Claude Debussy" for several years during which I had a few different teachers, most notably Patrick Hardy and Éric Ostiguy, the former being the absolute best guitarist I have ever seen in my life. Imagine, the guy could play anything from Malmsteen to Vai to Gilbert and Van Halen and explain it to you while playing it at full speed! Simply amazing.

Anyway, where was I... ah yes, in 1998 I met a drummer at a Fear Factory concert: Yannick Rebman. Together we tried to form a heavy metal band but we never found a bassist. The closest we came to a complete line-up was: two guitarists (both lead...), a drummer and a singer that never actually sung anything. He just came to jams, listened to us play and gave his opinions on our songs... As you can imagine this ended in acrimony. The other guitarist (Alex Tenzor) left soon after the "non-singer" (I don't remember his name). Then Christian Roy joined us on keyboards for a while but it wasn't long before irreconcilable differences arrose and in the summer of 2000 the band officially died.

That is when I decided to compose everything myself. In autumn of 2000, I released (on my first solo project: "eYe 1.0" under the name "Metatronik". I had been working on it "on and off" since 1997. However, it wasn't until 2001, with the acquisition of my first amp simulator and with it the ability to finally record a decent sounding metal distortion, that Metatronik was truly born.

I'm finding it extremely difficult to write this text. I feel like I'm writing my life story and quite franctly, I don't want to, so from this point on I'll stick to facts.

Fact number one: I practice almost everyday, as much as my body permits me (I mention it here so I won't have to type it in for each year bellow). I used to play 8-10 hours a day but I guess that was a bit extreme. What can I say? Playing the electric guitar and making music is what keeps me alive. Anyway, this is getting somewhat personal, so back to facts:

2001: -Work on and release of "Zone 5" miniCD demo.

2002: - Work on "The Titanium Project"

2003: - Completion of composition, recording and mixing of "T.T.P."

2004: - Release of "The Titanium Project"
- Gave a few live perfomances
- Composing new metal songs

2005: - Composing
- Christian Roy joins Metatronik on Keyboards for live perfomances
- Release of "Going Insane" miniCD EP

2006: - "Tortured Mind" composition complete. Mixing goes smoothly but at the mastering stage problems arise. It takes months to find the sources (yes plural) of the glitches.
- Live perfomance with Christian Roy on keyboards.
- Composing
- My body betrays me, my fretting hand is busted, can't play for months.
- Need to make music, compose electronic stuff without any guitar.
- Release "eYe 2.01 and 2.02 miniCDs"
-Release "Tortured Mind" raw mixdowns (no mastering, glitches are almost inaudible that way...) on p2p sites.

2007: - Release of " eYe 2.1"
- Mathieu Roy joins Metatronik on bass for live performances and is part of the composition process for several "Nightmare" tracks.
- Christian Roy no longer with Metatronik.
- Composing
- My fretting hand is still uncooperative.

2008: - Re-recording of several "Tortured Mind" tracks, remixing and remastering...
- Finally (!) "Tortured Mind" (indeed) is officially released. Album title was a little too prophetic, so I change the title of my next project from "Nightmare" to "Waking from the Nightmare" (to no avail I'm afraid...)
- Fretting hand still hurts, after finishing the song "Blood red", I have to stop playing again for a few months.
- Live perfomances are out the question.

2009: - Release of "Bien Cuit" miniCD EP.
- Remix, remaster and release of "eYe 1.1"
When my hand permits I work on my metal compositions.
- Start playing "clean" more often and composing smoother material.

2010: - Switch tuning to A=432hz, my hand feels better.
- Changed back the title of next album to "Nightmare", it's simply more accurate.
- Composing metal and smoother stuff.
- It's noteworthy to mention this is when I listened to Al Di Meola for the first time.

2011: - Most of "Nightmare is composed", start recording, hand not cooperative, very slow progress.
- Composing

2012: - Finished composing, recording, mixing and mastering two albums: "Nightmare", the metal album and "Just a dream", a much smoother album.
- Both were released in december.

2013: - Composing new smooth tunes and of course new metal material also.
- The smooth one is already titled: "Winterloops" and hopefuly will be finished this year.
- As for the next metal album, I've got four new songs, all with diffrent levels of development, none are finished yet.
- My fretting hand is still not right.

2014: - Work on and completion of Winter Loops, Metatronik's seventh album thus far.

It's very possible, in fact most probable, that I forgot somethings. If anything surfaces from the depts of my memory, I will update this text.

Still reading are you? I guess you want to know more. The best way is to listen to the music. Ultimately that's what Metatronik is about: music, no lyrics. Just music. The channeling of experiences and emotions into rythms and melodies, following inspiration wherever it takes me, despite the limitations of this human body.

I've no idea what else to add, so if you still want to know more, simply ask and I will answer.